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Thursday 18 May 2017, Waterview, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park

Power-Packed Conference Program


Coffee, Registration and Networking

Check in and prepare yourself for an amazing day of learning and sharing.


Creating our Learning Culture — Opening Session

Jewli Turier, CEO, Franchise Relationships Institute

Review your learning objectives and get familiar with the day’s program.


Trends in the Use of Metrics to Drive Performance — Research Update

Greg Nathan, Founder, Franchise Relationships Institite

We’ve been talking to leading franchisors and advisors on what works and why in relation to gathering, analysing and using metrics to improve performance. And we've reached some interesting and surprising conclusions.

  • Hear what franchise networks are doing and what’s working
  • Learn best practice models for collecting and applying metrics
  • Reflect on how your company compares with current trends

Creating Meaningful Business Discussions with Franchisees — Panel

Hear what high performance franchisees want from a field manager, what useful business discussions look like in practice, and how the best of the best make metrics matter in their businesses.

  • Anthony Stahl, Multi-Unit Franchisee, Boost Juice
  • Rhys Cutifani, Multi-Unit Franchisee, Anytime Fitness
  • Steve Halls, Business Development Manager, Poolwerx

Using Metrics to Improve Your Practice — Action Learning Discussions

One the the most popular aspects of this conference is the opportunity to talk with peers from other companies. So we have build this into the formal program.

  • Share your experience on what has been working for you
  • Learn from the experience of your peers
  • Apply your insights from the previous research and panel presentations

Update on Fair Work and Joint Employer Legislation

Stephen Giles, FCA Director of Industry Regulation and Government Relations

Find out how the latest developments in this significant legislative change will impact on you with tips on how to to keep your network safe.


Energy break and networking


How to Run Effective Franchisee Performance Groups — Expert Panel

Performance groups are the next big thing for motivating franchisees to improve their results. Find out from these experts on why they increase financial performance by up to 60% and how to introduce this innovative best practice into your network.

  • Rod Bristol, Executive Vice-President, Profit Mastery
  • John Post, Training & Development Manager, Kwik Kopy
  • Brendan Green, CEO, Hire A Hubby
  • Mark Jenkins, CEO, Resurg

Trends in Data Collection and Analysis

Innovation in this area is moving at lightening speeds. So we've invited two leading experts to update us on some popular tools and platforms being used for gathering and synthesising data, as well as updating us on what’s coming down the pipeline.

  • Rebecca Laut, Head of Franchising and Associations, Xero
  • Brad Rappell, CEO, CloudFirst and Member of Microsoft Advisory Board

Lunch and Networking


Concurrent Case Studies

Choose the session that best suits your needs. If you’re here with your team, split up and share the learning!

Secrets to Successful Franchisor Leadership — Mentoring Session

Four highly experienced franchisor executives will answer questions on maintaining personal effectiveness, leading change and managing difficult franchise relationships.

  • Steve Rafsky, CEO, Paggett Business Services, USA
  • Lynne Gallucci, GM of Retail Operations, Priceline
  • Karim Messih, CEO, Zambrero
  • Steve Hanson, CEO, Thinkdone

Using KPIs and Benchmarking to Help Franchisees Work ON Their Business — Case Studies

Four top brands will lift the bonnet on specific aspects of their KPI benchmarking systems. And how they are getting franchisees to engage with the data in practical ways to improve performance.

  • Brendan Green, CEO, Hire a Hubby
  • Lise Stothart, CFO, San Churro
  • Tony Allison, CEO, Night ’n Day
  • Ashley Clemmett, GM Member Network Support, Laser Group

Using Psychology and Metrics to Build a High Performance Culture — Expert Session

Paul Saunders, Psychologist and National Leadership & Learning Manager, Priceline

Paul is a leading sports and performance psychologist, and also an experienced franchisor executive. Hear how he has been applying the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to the training of franchisees and franchisor executives.

  • Psychological insights on how to build a high performance culture
  • How to ensure your training delivers tangible business outcomes
  • Measuring the ROI on franchisee and franchisor training

Energy break and networking


Round Tables

“If you can't measure it, you can't improve it” — Peter Drucker

Participate in two round tables of your choice, listen to the experience of others, and share what works for you. We will also collect and disseminate the findings from these round tables so you gain access to the collective intelligence in the room! All tables will be properly facilitated so discussions stay on track.

1. Conducting useful financial discussions with high performance franchisees

Warren Ballantyne — What do high performing franchisees want from you? What types of discussions add the most value?

2. Using franchisee surveys to measure and improve franchisee satisfaction

Alex Coningham — What do you measure and how do you gather this data? How do you turn survey data and insights into action?

3. Helping franchisees to measure and improve the productivity of their staff

Sally Illingworth — How do you measure staff productivity? What strategies and tools help to improve staff productivity?

4. Measuring and improving the effectiveness of your field support

Michael Ermer — How do you know your field visits are effective? What strategies improve positive results and outcomes from visits?

5. Measuring and improving the effectiveness of franchisee training programs

Wendy Donaldson — How do you know your training programs are effective? What strategies improve the effectiveness of training?

6. Measuring and improving the effectiveness of franchisee meetings and conferences

Rob Camm — How do you know your meetings and conferences are effective? What strategies improve the effectiveness of meetings and conferences?

7. Using incentive programs and performance ladders to improve franchisee performance

Andrew Kidd — What types of incentive programs are used? How do you measure and maximise their effectiveness?

8. Setting up effective franchisee peer groups that drive performance

Andrew Perry — What’s the best way to organise and lead these groups? How do you maximise their effectiveness?

9. Your top KPIs for helping franchisees improve their profitability and cash flow

Geoff McDonnell — What KPIs do you review with franchisees and why? How do you use these for maximum impact and benefit?

10. Helping franchisees to measure the effectiveness of their local marketing

Anne McGlinchey — What are the best measures of marketing success? How can franchisees measure their results?

11. Helping franchisees to set meaningful and measurable goals they will commit to

Brad Flinn — How do you engage franchisees in goal setting? How do you encourage them to take action on their goals?

12. Helping longer tenure franchisees to stay fresh and engaged

Mandy Welland — What are the signs a franchisee is becoming complacent? What helps to keep them fresh and engaged?

13. Tools and tips for maximising your effectiveness in the field

Louise Broekman — How do you prioritise what’s important? What helps you to stay organised and in control?

14. Measuring and improving delivery of the ideal customer experience

Steve Hansen — How do you define and measure the ideal customer experience? How do you get franchisee commitment to improve this?

15. Measuring and improving your effectiveness as a trusted adviser

David Ridgeway — How do you know if franchisees trust you? How do you build credibility in the eyes of franchisees?

16. Getting franchisees to make full use of your benchmarking program

Jim Softsis — Why franchisees may not be making full use of your benchmarking program? How to get them to fully engage and use the data to improve their performance?

17. Getting franchisees to submit accurate and timely financial data

Rebecca Laut — Why don’t franchisees want to share their data? What makes them more comfortable to share their data?

18. Preventing franchisees from getting into financial difficulty

Darryn McAuliffe — What are the most common types of difficulties and warning signs? How do you get franchisees to take preventative action?

19. Measuring and improving franchisee compliance to brand standards

Des Carroll — What’s the best way to objectively measure brand compliance? What makes franchisees take brand standards seriously?

20. Making the most of data collected from Point Of Sale systems

Amy Renae — How do you decide on the best measures to collect? How do you ensure people are using the data effectively?

21. Ensuring your franchise network is compliant with fair work and joint employer legislation

Matthew Horton — How do you keep yourself and your network updated with relevant legislation changes? What do you do to ensure your network stays compliant?


How to Make Every Day a Better Day Than It Would Have Been Any Other Way

Steve Rafsky, Chairman & CEO of Padgett Business Services

Steve is a highly experienced franchisor and franchisee, and a member of the IFA Franchise Relations Committee. As CEO of a 400-strong network of franchisee accountants, he has led a multi-million dollar turnaround of franchisor and franchisee profitability. He'll share his insights and his personal philosophy of success by encouraging his franchisees to adopt a growth mindset.




Networking Event

Reflect on the day and continue the discussion with peers over a relaxed drink.

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