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Advanced Bootcamp — The Next Step!

Building on the models and concept from the Foundation program, the Advanced Bootcamp takes participants further on their journey to becoming a master practitioner in the art and science of effective field management.

The program starts with a webinar to set up the advanced learning culture and prepare participants for the live 2-day program.

The program then extends participants intellectually and practically, delving deeper into models that drive effective performance and how to apply these in practice. Participants learn cutting edge tools and skills to help them:

  • Reduce defensiveness and get franchisees to engage with new initiatives.
  • Leverage Local Area Marketing concepts to help franchisees grow their sales.
  • Get franchisees to focus on the KPIs that will most effectively drive their profitability.
  • Take on those tough conversations so you get results without damaging the relationship.
  • Facilitate effective group meetings, especially when franchisees are stressed and grumpy.
  • Improve credibility and the capacity to lead mature franchisees with confidence.

Also in a post-Bootcamp webinar participants share examples of their challenges, insights and the progress they have made.

Foundation program is a pre-requisite for Advanced Bootcamp

The Advanced Bootcamp is restricted to field managers who have completed our Foundation program.

The Franchise Council of Australia has accredited the Field Manager Bootcamps as part of their Certified Franchise Executive Program [CFE] with 320 education credits for CFE registrants who attend.


The program runs from 8:30am to 5:00pm on both days.
Registration from 8:00am on Day 1.

Session 1: Taking Profitable Partnerships to a New Level

  • The neuroscience of the psychological contract with franchisees
  • Supporting franchisees on their business and emotional journey
  • Applying the Wheels of Excellence in action

Session 2: The CORE Mastery Model

  • Self awareness techniques to enhance personal performance
  • Situational awareness techniques to enhance effective decision making
  • Applying appropriate strategies for maximum impact

Session 3: The 10 Habits of Effective Field Managers

  • The genesis of the 10 habits and how they drive excellence
  • Techniques for strengthening the habits
  • Applying the habits in action

Session 4: Strategic Approaches to Learning in the Field

  • Psychological principles of adult learning
  • Key components of effective training
  • Practices that drive learning that engages and sticks

Session 5: Advanced Coaching Methods

  • Developing the qualities of an effective coach
  • When and how to use coaching for maximum impact
  • Application of coaching techniques and strategies

Session 6: Being a Business Consultant

  • Understanding the critical numbers and ratios
  • Business case study — analysis and action planning
  • Supporting franchisees to drive profitability and cash flow

Session 7: Maximising Marketing Impact

  • Understanding critical marketing principles and metrics
  • How to maximise your impact on local franchisee marketing
  • Gaining franchisee commitment to locally invest in LAM

Session 8: Facilitation Techniques

  • Strategies to improve face to face and online meetings
  • Preparing for difficult group meetings
  • Eight principles for effective facilitation

Session 9: Dealing with Challenging Franchisees and Situations

  • Case studies on challenging scenarios
  • Strategies and techniques for managing difficult franchisees
  • Working with emotionally charged situations

Session 10: Action Planning

  • Review of learning
  • Prioritising learning goals
  • Development of learning action plan
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