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Foundation Bootcamp

The Foundation Field Manager Bootcamp is designed specifically for people in operational roles who work directly with franchisees, as well as franchisor executives seeking new tools for driving franchisee satisfaction and success.

From the moment the program starts participants are exposed to a dynamic, interactive learning experience that enables them to:

  • Gain powerful insights from franchising research, unavailable anywhere else.
  • Learn evidence based techniques and models to help them better prepare for and deliver effective field visits.
  • Engage in valuable group discussions and share best practice on hot topics.
  • Listen to real life case studies of difficult situations and think about how to apply these lessons.
  • Be given techniques and tools for successfully managing interactions with all types of people.
  • Compile a detailed action plan of targeted learning areas and how they will work on these.
  • Build their personal confidence to tackle whatever their job throws up.
  • Earn 320 education credits if enrolled in the Certified Franchise Executive Program.

The Franchise Council of Australia has accredited the Field Manager Bootcamps as part of their Certified Franchise Executive Program [CFE] with 320 education credits for CFE registrants who attend.


The program runs from 8:30am to 5:00pm on both days.
Registration from 8:00am on Day 1.

Session 1: Franchise Relationship Principles

  • What franchisees want from the franchise relationship
  • Supporting franchisees through the Franchisee Journey
  • The Franchisor and Franchisee Wheels of Excellence

Session 2: The 8 Functions of the Field Manager Role

  • Overview of the Eight Functional areas of the role
  • Review of Field Manager Diagnostic Report
  • Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses and action planning

Session 3: Coaching Franchisees for Improved Performance

  • Skills for developing rapport and engagement
  • The art of powerful questioning
  • Coaching tools and techniques

Session 4: Improving the Effectiveness of the Field Visit

  • The RAID model for a balanced visit
  • The six stages of an effective field visit
  • Structuring visits for effective outcomes

Session 5: Dealing with Communication Challenges

  • Why communication often fails
  • Using the behavioural style model to improve communication and buy-in
  • Preparing for and conducting difficult conversations

Session 6: The Franchise E-Factor

  • The 6 stages of The Franchise E-Factor
  • Common behaviours at each stage
  • Managing franchisees at each stage

Session 7: Facilitating Franchisee Meetings

  • What franchisees want from group meetings
  • Processes for improving the effectiveness of group meetings
  • Techniques for increasing engagement and satisfaction

Session 8: Maintaining a Metrics Mindset

  • Understanding the drivers of financial success in your model
  • Warning signs of financial stress
  • Engaging franchisees in constructive financial discussions

Session 9: Managing the Personal Demands of the Role

  • Common causes of stress in the field management job
  • Tips and strategies for building stress hardiness
  • Identifying personal strengths

Session 10: Hot Topics and Action Planning

  • Identification of hot topics
  • Group discussions and best practice sharing
  • Personal action planning
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