Lessons from a Leprechaun Taxi Driver

As part of a European speaking tour, I’ve been staying in an old rambling hotel in Dublin, formerly a monastery. It’s been fun wandering around the underground corridors, filled with so much history and character. This morning, while checking out at reception, I was pleasantly surprised to meet what I can only describe as a leprechaun taxi driver. I had just asked how I get a taxi, when this vibrant little fellow literally popped out from behind a pillar. “At yer soivice” he announced. Read entire post

No, I’m Not Jesting

I’m in Europe at the moment for some client conferences, so I thought I’d do a Tip on one of my favourite European characters — the Jester. I’ve always had an unusual fascination with Jesters. It’s not their musical or acrobatic skills that interests me. It’s more their role in speaking the truth, and naming the political shenanigans that people in power often use to maintain their influence and control.  Read entire post

Would You Like a Portrait With That?

We all love an interesting customer service story, so I’m going to share two contrasting experiences from similar businesses. The lessons are compelling. But first a big thank you. Last week, FRI was awarded “Supplier of the Year” at the Australian Excellence in Franchising Awards. These Healthy Franchise Relationship Tips are a small, but important, part of what we do to foster profitable partnerships and positive business practices throughout the global franchising sector. Now onto our story… Read entire post

Making Your Board Effective

Recently at Natadola Beach in Fiji, I ticked an item off my bucket list. I wobbled all the way to shore on one of those 1960's longboards. That night as I walked along the beach, reflecting on my surfing prowess, I had a phone call from a colleague who was having a very different board experience. Read entire post

Are You Mindful or Mind-Full?

I recently sat in a workshop on Mindfulness led by a psychology colleague. Later, while chatting about her work, she said how stressed she felt and that her head was overloaded with the stuff she had to do. I couldn't help myself and quipped, “Sounds like you are more mind-full than mindful”. We both laughed. You've probably noticed an upsurge of interest in the benefits of Mindfulness, so I’ve devoted this Tip to the topic. Read entire post

Please Make a Note of This!

I was meeting with a senior executive who said he wanted to learn about franchising best practice. Although he was polite and asked some good questions, I soon realised we were both wasting our time. Despite several very specific suggestions targeted to his company’s situation, this guy had not written anything down. Read entire post

Lessons My Puppy Taught Me

We just bought a puppy. I have named him Leo because he is courageous and looks like a lion cub. While Leo may be new to the planet, he did arrive with a significant amount of instinctual knowledge. We commonly refer to instincts in slightly derogatory terms (“they are just animal instincts”). But there is a lot we can learn from these behaviours, honed over millions of years, so I’ve been watching Leo closely. Here’s five things I’ve learned so far. Read entire post

Incident on the Escalator

What are you like at receiving feedback? The truth is, when it comes to feedback most of us prefer to be givers than takers. Read entire post

New Insights to Solve the Omnichannel Paradox

Zhanna Kremez is a PhD student at Griffith University who has been investigating eCommerce in the franchising sector. I first met her at a workshop for social scientists in 2012 and was impressed with her enthusiasm for understanding how people work together. We subsequently conducted a joint research project on how franchisors are approaching the digital world, particularly how they are working with their franchisees in this space. Read entire post

The Growth Mindset Test

I was recently conducting a debriefing session with a team of senior franchisor executives on the results from their latest franchisee satisfaction survey. One interesting finding was a significant increase in franchisee expectations around the services provided by the franchisor. I asked the CEO how he felt about this, expecting a defensive response. Instead he said he welcomed it. “If we are raising our expectations of them, why shouldn’t they raise their expectations of us? It can only make us stronger and better” he said. Read entire post

Greg Nathan is a psychologist, author and an international expert on the franchise relationship. Connect with him on Google+ or Linkedin.

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