Are You Paying Attention?

A natural leader is a person who has worked out what's going on around them and is willing to be proactive by taking considered action. While you don't need a fancy title, you do need an open mind, concentration, courage and common sense. This Tip introduces a concept known as Situational Awareness, developed by the chief scientist for the US Airforce, Dr. Mica Endsley, and its application to franchise leadership, especially the role of the field consultant. Read entire post

Why I Love the Phantom

It's important to have sources of inspiration to give you a fresh perspective and a boost of energy when you need it. Of course different things work for different people. If you have met me you may be aware one of my sources of inspiration is a stash of a certain type of comic. Yes, I am a dedicated fan of the Phantom, also known as The Ghost Who Walks, especially the early stories by his creator Lee Falk. Here's why I love the Phantom and read one of his adventures most nights before sleep. Read entire post

What Bothers Field Managers

Over the past couple of weeks I have been delivering a series of workshops to franchisor support teams in several Nordic countries. Some new research I've been sharing with our Nordic cousins includes a study of 970 field consultants from 59 companies. A question we asked in the study was the extent to which certain things bothered them. Read entire post

The Truth About Sleep

Welcome to 2014. Over the holidays I heard a brilliant talk by leading sleep expert and psychologist, Jessica Payne, from the University of Notre Dame. She explained the science of sleep and how it impacts on how we feel and function. Her findings, which I'll share with you, are important to anyone who works under mental or emotional pressure. Given that 49% of franchisees and 61% of franchisor executives report experiencing their work as emotionally exhausting or stressful, I'd say this is an important topic. Read entire post

The Baker Who Swallowed His Pride

We often talk about the importance of commitment in franchising. But talk is cheap. Commitment is about action and often it means swallowing our fear, or our pride, and doing something that goes beyond short term self-interest. Here's a story of someone who really understood the meaning of the word. Read entire post

Why Your Tone of Voice Matters

Before I tell you about a piece of research that could save you from some serious relationship headaches, even being sued, I'd like to mention something about these Tips. Alexis, who looks after our franchisee satisfaction surveys, said yesterday the Tips give her "wise man moments", which is when you hear something that makes so much sense you can't believe you never thought of it before! Her comment nails what I have tried to achieve in writing the Tips over the years, not from any special wisdom I have, but more by drawing on good research, some great teachers and a fair amount of hard earned experience. Read entire post

The One-Legged Man Who Changed My Life

I've recently been putting together a book of these tips and while rummaging through my files I discovered what could be called "the original tip". It's a remarkable true story I emailed to some clients many years ago. I was on the final leg coming back from Singapore after talking at a Franchise Summit. Read entire post

How Not to be an Arrogant Fool

There is a famous TV interview with Jimi Hendrix, soon after his jaw-dropping Woodstock performance, in which the interviewer, Dick Cavett, says "You're considered one of the best guitarists in the world". Hendrix shakes his head, looks down at his fingertips in embarrassment and mutters "How about one of the best sitting in this chair". It is a moment of genuine humility. Read entire post

When a Franchisee Calls

What do people in your Franchise Support Office say when a franchisee calls? If part of the conversation is "Don't bother looking at the manual, it's out of date", it may be time to take a fresh look at this highly underrated franchise success tool. Read entire post

Stairway to Multi-Unit Heaven

"All that glitters is gold". Led Zeppelin fans will recognise this as the second line in Stairway to Heaven. However, a single unit franchisee that glitters is not necessarily a golden multi-unit franchisee, as you'll see in the 20 Steps to Multi-Unit Heaven below. Read entire post

Greg Nathan is a psychologist, author and an international expert on the franchise relationship. Connect with him on Google+ or Linkedin.

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