Delivering Effective Field Support in New Zealand

The Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ) invited us to conduct a full day workshop for its members on “How to deliver effective field support”. This is a topic we love to teach.  Read entire post

Jamming It Up

Two weeks after being involved in our popular Franchise Relations Clinic at the IFA convention in Orlando, re:Group President, Jan Muhleman, visited Greg back in Australia with her husband Tom. It turns out that Tom is an accomplished guitarist and plays in a well known band. Read entire post

Research Briefings on Franchisee Selection

Recruiting quality franchisees is probably the hottest issue facing franchisors today. With this in mind our Senior Associate, Debb Lowe, conducted a series of franchisee selection research briefings with franchisors in Australia and New Zealand.  Read entire post

Indian Franchisors Receptive to Our Ideas

We contributed several presetations to the Franchise India Conference in Delhi. The Indian franchisors were extremely receptive. One workshop due to finish at 5.30pm didn’t end until 9.30pm due to audience enthusiasm! Read entire post

Forum on Winning Franchisee Hearts and Minds

One of the highlights of our most recent Forum was the franchisee panel where six top performers from several franchise systems gave frank and honest feedback to the 110 or so franchisors in the audience on what they need to do to pick up their game! This is the second Forum we have run especially for franchise marketing professionals. And based on participant feedback it was an enormous success with 98% saying it was definitely a worthwhile investment. Read entire post

Research Update on Franchisee Performance

Greg Nathan and Debb Lowe conducted, briefings in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on the detailed findings from our research project into predictors of franchisee performance. A research paper with trends and data was provided to all participants who were also encouraged to reflect on how they could use the research results to improve their franchisee selection practices. This research has of course been fundamental to the launch of our new franchisee selection tool, the Nathan Profiler. Thanks to Deacons in Melbourne and Dymocks in Sydney for hosting these events.

Focus Groups on New Franchisee Selection Tool

Ree-Anna Chatman conducted focus groups in Brisbane and Melbourne with some of our clients to seek feedback on our new franchisee selection system, The Nathan Profiler. In addition to encouragement that we are on the right track the sessions provided invaluable insights on how we can improve the system to best meet franchisor needs. Thanks to those clients who participated and to Bakers Delight who hosted the session in Melbourne. Read entire post

Building a Healthy Franchise Culture

Greg Nathan delivered a keynote address to the FCA’s Queensland Convention on the topic “Building a Healthy Franchise Culture — Are you Up to the Challenge?” The session drew on decades of psychological research into how the behaviour and expectations of leaders shape organisational cultures and how people are subconsciously influenced, for better or worse, by the cultures they find themselves in. He also warned of how easily it is for a franchise culture to go off the rails where franchisors and franchisees see each other as enemies rather than collaborators and suggested a number of practical methods for preventing this. Delegates all received a copy of FRI’s “Healthy Franchise Culture Survey” to enable them to evaluate their own organisational culture. Greg finished on the point: “Just as one bad apple can spoil a barrel, a bad barrel can also spoil a crop of good apples!” Food for thought. Read entire post

Round Table Discussion With Rupert Barkoff

FRI hosted an intimate morning discussion on the back veranda with eminent USA franchise attorney, Rupert Barkoff, co-editor of the text book “Fundamentals of Franchising”. An interesting group of local consultants, academics, lawyers and franchisors participated in the wide ranging discussion which covered: Read entire post

Research Project into Predictors of Franchisee Success

The Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI) has been conducting a major research project into predictors of franchisee success. Previous research by FRI has shown that the success which individual franchisees achieve is largely influenced by the attitudes, abilities and values they bring to the business. While there are many theories and opinions on what these factors are, there is a dearth of good quality research. Read entire post

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