Facilitation Services

Group Scoop — Open Forum

This is a facilitated open forum that enables franchisees to give feedback, ask questions and raise issues of importance to them. Our unique facilitation process enables issues to surface constructively, prevents grandstanding by individual franchisees and provides the franchisor with useful feedback. The session improves trust and transparency and is particularly useful during times of change, where new initiatives are being rolled out that require franchisee commitment.

Grag Nathan in action

Greg Nathan facilitating at a Group Scoop Forum on the Gold Coast.

“The conference was the most successful ever held. The team-building environment you created and your skill at encouraging participants to raise issues for discussion was exceptional.”

Alan Dalton, General Manager, Kitchen Studio

“Thank you for making our franchise summit the success it was. The renewed vigour and positiveness of the franchisees has given us all a lift.”

Chris Ring, Managing Director, Pit Stop

“Thanks for your help and guidance in achieving the confidence and positive support from the franchisees. The Nathan system works again!”

Ray King, Managing Director, Capt’n Snooze

“Thanks for keeping things on track at our conference. I believe we achieved the best outcomes ever.

Bob Taylor, Managing Director, Dymocks Bookshops